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Are Your Door Locks and Hardware Keeping Your Home Secure?

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Are Your Door Locks and Hardware Keeping Your Home Secure?

Keeping your home secure should always be a top priority, and choosing the right entry locks for your Lafayette, Indiana home is an important first step. Regardless of your needs, Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key has the entry lock or deadbolt you need to protect your home and family 24/7. 

Lock it up

The lock on your door is your family’s first defense against the outside world. Making sure you have the best locks can assure the safety of your household and help you sleep better at night.

Here at Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key we carry a variety of high-quality locks, including cam locks, knob locks, mortise and rim cylinders, and many more entry locks. Our staff of experts can help you find the best entry locks to secure your Lafayette, IN area home based on your specific needs.

We also offer single and double-keyed deadbolts to protect your home. These can be an excellent addition to the entry locks you already have. A second layer of security in the form of a deadbolt is a popular choice because it is extremely difficult to break into a door with a property installed deadbolt. Utilizing a deadbolt that requires a key from one or both sides is an added level of safety and security for your family.

The best part: We are now one of 100 Medeco service centers in the United States, so we can offer the highly-praised Medeco entry locks you need to keep your home protected.

Make your hardware the best it can be

We know that deadbolts are a popular choice for keeping doors secure and homes safe. However, buying deadbolts from other providers can often leave you with hardware that is not as safe as it could be. Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key offers a variety of improved strike plates to fix this problem.

The strike plate is where the deadbolt latch fastens into the door frame, and the screws should extend much farther into the door frame than many basic kits allow. The farther the screws extend, the more secure the door. Doors with stronger strike plates are far more resistant to being kicked in or damaged.

Check out other safety features

Choosing the correct door and door frame can also be important in protecting your home the right way. Here at Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key we offer a variety of different doors to be paired with your entry lock and deadbolt. Our experts can help you choose the perfect combination of door and entry lock.

Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key can help provide you and your family with the safety and security you deserve. We are ready to help you in selecting the perfect entry lock, deadbolt, hardware and door for your Lafayette, Indiana home to assure that your stuff is safe. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

These guys are great. We have been using them for probably over 20 years and every experience is been really good. These guys care about the customers and they really know their stuff. I highly recommend them.

~Dave A

God Bless Haley's Lock Safe & Key!  We were petsitting for our neighbors and called our local locksmith in Monticello, IN, who wouldn't return our calls.  The lock had broken and was spinning freely so we couldn't get into the house to let the dogs out and feed them and the cat.  Finally, after 15 hours and on Sunday morning, we gave up on the Lock Doctor and called Haley's. 

~Syngin A.

“I had a very old plat book with a hidden metal mechanism which comprised the binding, and the tool which opened this mechanism it was lost. I wanted to open it, so I spent lots of time investigating modern alternatives with no luck.. I finally hit on Haley’s: they had the binding opened in about 20 minutes! They are lock experts, and I am very grateful for their help.”

Maureen S.

We had a spare key go missing while some work was being done on our home. Afraid that one of the laborers has swiped it, we decided to have the locks changed. I called Haley's and a very pleasant and professional locksmith was out first thing the next morning.

Haley's was great from calling to set up an appointment to have locksmith look at the lock to having them replace the lock. (They had to order the parts). Everyone involved, especially the locksmith were very nice and professional. They called to let me know the locksmith was running late on another customer appointment and he called to let me know he was on his way.

These are the most professional people I have every had do work for me. They arrived on time, they were very courteous and professional. I would recommend this company to anyone that needs any lock work done. They did exactly what they said they would do and there were no hidden costs. They cleaned up their work area when they were finished.

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